I’m Back


I am back!

I have been MIA for a while :/. Sorry about that but I am back!! Honestly, I was thinking of abandoning this blog because I know how lazy I am to write and update this page but I’ll still give it go :D. I actually enjoy doing this, I’m just sluggish sometimes… well… most of the time (haha).

Also, I am back home!

I have travelled back home to the Philippines and I have been all over the place since then. My trip to the Philippines was unplanned. Unexpected things and twists and turns of events have taken place that is why I went home unexpectedly. We’ve been through (and still are) major adjustments and a lot of figuring out how things will be.

I am back to the old times.

My trip to the Philippines was unexpected. I had to cancel plans and formulate new plans. Actually, I did not have any plans. I just went with the flow, said ‘yes’ to meet ups (though I haven’t seen most my friends yet because everyone is busy *life happened* college happened* hmp), and did whatever I felt like doing. This trip was like my escape from reality. This also gave me an opportunity to reconnect with my old self and my old life. Being away from home made me a very nostalgic person that’s why going back feels like I visited the past and it’s always good to be back.

But I have to go back 😦

I only have 20 days before I leave again. (Yup, I have to leave again :/.) I know it will pass by with a blink of an eye and I want to make the most out of it.  Of course I don’t want to leave again but I have to. But I know, time will come, I will only have to purchase a one-way ticket going back home. I am sure of that. 🙂


On the lighter note: 

Since I have been around Manila for the most parts of my stay here, I vlogged my trips. I am currently editing the videos and I will also make blog posts about it :))

Please support me! haha

Thank you



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