Saleens Beach

We had a lovely weather at this year’s Mothers’ Day so we decided to take a trip to the beach.

Saleens Beach


Saleens Beach can be found on the east side of Tramore Bay, County Waterford. It is a long sandy beach which can be a great place for picnics. Saleens Beach is also good place for fishing and catching crabs. Swimming is not advisable due to strong currents and shifting sands.

It was a low tide when we got to the place so we were able to set up our tent by the seashore. We caught crabs and the children played with the sand.

Of course, my favourite part of the day is eating time! We grilled pork, chicken and hotdogs, and paired them with rice (obviously! We can’t live without rice haha). Halfway through cooking, we noticed that the tides are getting higher so we moved to the carpark. There weren’t much people in the beach that day so there were loads of space for us to set up the tent. It was such a fun and chill day.

Low Tide
Hide Tide

Here’s how we celebrated Mothers’ Day:

♥ Just Wandering, Nicole ♥


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