Purple Run

This blog post is a bit different from my previous ones. Instead of featuring a place that I went to, I am going to talk about an event that I participated in and that is Purple Run 2017.


On the 25th of March 2017, I participated in the Purple Run 2017 held at Phoenix Park in Dublin. The weather was in favour of us and Mr Sun was shining brightly that day. Everyone who participated wore something purple like wigs, hats, and bow ties. Turning Phoenix Park purple is to celebrate The World Down Syndrome Day 2017.  1300 runners, walkers and rollers took part in the event over the 1 km and 5 km routes. There were face painters and people were really friendly and jolly!

 “Run with us…not for us” is the tagline of the event. This means that people with Down Syndrome also joined the event. This is a good way to show our full support to them and this just shows that they are not different from us. I think this event is a good way to encourage people with Down Syndrome and their family to not isolate themselves and to believe in their own abilities.

I have a cousin with Down Syndrome and she cheers me up whenever I see her. She’s such a cute little ball of sunshine!


Of course I filmed my experience! Watch it below!

♥ Just Wandering, Nicole ♥


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