Dingle Oceanworld Adventure

In the small town of Dingle in county Kerry, you can  visit the Dingle Oceanworld Adventure. Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium is not just an aquarium; it is also a conservation and research centre which educates visitors  about life under water. It was officially made accessible to the public on 1996.


Inside, you can see different kinds of marine animals swimming in the tanks. As you enter, the first thing you will see are the Amazonian Displays which shows different species that inhabits the Amazon.

As you walk through the aquarium, you will see different kinds of reptiles and cute little otters. When we visited, they gave a talk about reptiles. I know they do reptile talk everyday.


The biggest tank inside is the Shark Tank. Sandtiger Sharks can be seen swimming inside.

Mr. Shark smiling at the camera… I guess?

Polar Penguin Experiences is right beside the Shark Tank. Gentoo Penguins are swimming and playing in the tank. Gentoo Penguins are the third largest penguins in the world. There are 12 penguins in Dingle and each has their own coloured wristbands so they can be identified easily. When we visited, we saw these cute penguins being fed.

Nearly at the end of the aquarium are the coral reefs, invertebrates, and seahorses. Our friendly marine animals can be seen in Touch Tank. As the name suggests, animals inside this tank can be touched and stroked without causing harm.

Last but not the least is the Ocean Tunnel. Here, you will fee like you are under the water with the fishes swimming above you.

Ocean Tunnel


Overall, it was a fun experience. I gained a lot of information about our marine friends. I left the place with a better understanding about the life under the sea. I also found this chocolate bar which made me like Dingle more.


Here’s a little information about Dingle Oceanworld Adventure in case you plan on visiting.

Location: Dingle Oceanworld, The Wood, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Opening Hours: Opens daily from 10am to 5pm

Admission Fees:

Adult: €13.50

Child: €8.75

Senior/Student: €9.50

Family Price 1: €38.00 (2 adults and up to 2 children below 16 years)

Family Price 2: €44.00 (2 adults and up to 4 children below 16 years)

I also made a video about my wanderings in Dingle Oceanworld Adventure. Check it out here:

Bonus Attraction!

Right outside the aquarium is this beautiful view.


That’s me taking advantage of the wonderful sight

♥ Just Wandering, Nicole ♥


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