Dingle Oceanworld Adventure

In the small town of Dingle in county Kerry, you can  visit the Dingle Oceanworld Adventure. Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium is not just an aquarium; it is also a conservation and research centre which educates visitors  about life under water. It was officially made accessible to the public on 1996.


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About the Blog


This blog is made by yours truly- Mary Nicole Olavario. I am currently a first year BA Marketing and Digital Media student in Waterford Institute of Technology. As part of my Social Media Technologies module, we are assigned to create a blog and a related Youtube channel.


(n.) a great desire to travel and rove about

I’ve always had wanderlust in me so I guess this blog will focus mainly on my travels and adventures. I would like to share my experiences with all of you through this blog and the videos that I will create. I hope you’ll like it!

I will really appreciate all the follow and shares. 🙂

♥ Nicole